Sometimes You Gotta Improvise; 4′ level Ice Scraper!

Headin to the house!!!…finally.

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Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor coooooold…..Grateful for 2017 Energized for 2018

Grateful and thankful for my clients and referring agents in 2017.  Getting off on the right foot (left foot is frost bitten) in sunny and cold Inglewood today.  2018 to be an awesome ride….get on the train!

Seeing Knowing Shivering Inspector Bill Carlson

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Hahaha; The Sequel

Yup new construction.

Seeing Knowing Belly Laughing Inspector Bill Carlson

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Surprised This One Didn’t End Up On the Nightly News

Gas water heater totally venting into the laundry room. Common vent with furnce which also likely vents into the laundry room. 2 bedrooms on this level. Light headed. I cannot believe this stuff sometimes. This is how good unsuspecting folks pass away. 50 gal. Water heater was replace by a shorter 30 gal. unit and the installer cobbled together an improper connector section that must have fallen away.

Seeing Knowing Gassing Inspector Bill Carlson

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Disconnected bathtub drain…….

Seeing Knowing Holding back my cookies Inspector Bill Carlson

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Fort Inspection Notes

The structure is a 3 sheet fort of King sized members.  


Wall fasteners are of 1 1/4″ roofing nails with green yarn and used shoe laces.  Internal fasteners are of small and medium sized binder clips with center column of 1/2″ PVC pipe and #10 can filled with pennies footing.  The electrical system is of a single 110v receptacle powering lighting and a computer for viewing of Waterboy and appears to be sufficient.  Evidence of movement within the structure was significant as is typical of structure of this type.  Flexibility in design appears to meet earthquake design requirements as well as class W (wood) soils design requirements.  This fort meets 2 day Birthday design requirements. Evidence of need for repair was not observed.

Seeing Knowing Surviving laser tag and a 6 boy overnite…..nobody died including cats

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How bout this cobbled together framing repair

In beautiful and scenic East Nashville today….pic is from a few weeks ago

……or this pier…..JEnGA!!!!!!

Seeing Knowing Loving the job security Inspector Bill Carlson 

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Happy Valentines Day from Carlson Inspection!

Beautiful romantic fluffy evidence of mold/mildew!

Seeing Knowing Getting the scraper Inspector Bill Carlson

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Not Again!

In beautiful and scenic White House today.  Not long ago I was performing a new construction inspection where the plumbers were getting the water turned on for the 1st time.


Water on the floor coming from baseboard; others muddy feet.

They got the water on and were leaving so I went at it.  I am in the home in socked feet to not track dirt and turn on the shower valve.  As I’m inspecting the tile surround, my feet start getting wet and I’m not in the shower!


Water wets ceiling and cracks the ceiling below in the kitchen.

Yup water is pouring out from the baseboard due to leakage from the shower valve.  Ran and chased down the plumbers……had I not found this I suspect the new home owners would have when they took their 1st shower.


Water in crawl space from shower valve leak.


Seeing Knowing Finishing the day with wet feet   Inspector Bill Carlson

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