Rates and Reservations


These rates listed below are typical for most homes in  Nashville and Brentwood.  The following conditions will incur additional fees. Detached structures, travel greater than 30 minutes, older homes, primarily single level homes, distressed property, multi-unit properties, and rentals with tenants.  All reservations are taken through the Q and A form at the bottom of this page to insure a full complete, and accurate transfer of information and maximize effective communication.  I will respond back with Fee and Availability in short order.  I am aware you are under a time contraint……..Thanks Bill

Condo less than 999 sq ft = $325
House less than 999 sq ft = $350
House 1000 to 1499 sq ft  = $375
House 1500 to 1999 sq ft = $400
House 2000 to 2499 sq ft = $425
House 2500 to 2999 sq ft = $450
House 3000 to 3499 sq ft = $475
House 3500 to 3999 sq ft = $500
House 4000 and over = $0.15 x finished square footage

Radon Testing per monitor  = $120


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5 Responses to Rates and Reservations

  1. Alissa Razansky says:

    Love Bill Carlson! He is the best!!!

  2. Christina & Jeffrey Allender says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful work and good eyes. You saved us from buying a serious problem home. We can’t thank you enough. We were so impressed that you had the whole report sent to us the next morning. We will be contacting you when we find another home. I have already recommended you to several of my friends looking for homes.

  3. Rose Connolly says:

    Thanks Bill for your very thorough inspection last week. I feel like we know the house so much better and it was good to see you! Rose

  4. Christina Dunham says:

    This is nice

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