Road Trip to Chattanooga may go Rock n Roll

@ airbnb

Epic train station dome

Turns out Tedeschi Trucks Band is in town sold out.

..would be a good mourning for the loss of Butch……gonna walk out front and c if we can get tix 

…… we got tix..

Jack Pearson opened and played Blue Sky….only AB song of the night….was a good show

Seeing Knowing Rockin in Chatanooga Inspector Bill Carlson

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Ah jeez….probably should actually connect that.

New PVC dumps into old concrete sewer piping; no seal no connection.

PVC extends about a foot into the old piping only.

In beatiful and scenic E nashville today.  Overall a pretty good reno but jeez.  I recommended the client get an internal video if this older system.  Then connect and seal it holy crap.

Seeing Knowing Venting sewer gases under the house Inspector Bill Carlson

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Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

In beautiful and scenic Belle Meade today….hmmm couple of weeks ago I did an inspection in a home where the seller had multiple children and wooden spoons propped up on the trim over the door ways on the inside of the room……wonder if thats a warning.20170106_120612

Seeing Knowing Running Scared Inspector Bill Carlson

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In Columbia yesterday…..wish I was in Colombia!

In beautiful and snowy Columbia TN yesterday facing challenges from 1st light……1st I came to this…


then took a little closer look and discovered this…


and this…


so I talked to these guys…


and turned around 5 miles to here…


where by coincidence I ran into the buyers agent who could not contact me cuz her phone was dead and her Mustang wasn’t going annnny further; so she got in my truck and we went the “back” way to here; on 67 Acres; 4500 sf…


then here; 900 SF…(file photo)…


and finally here; 2400 SF…


there was some of this…

and this…


and of course this; like there always is.  It was hard to concentrate sometimes cuz of these guys…”hey dumb ass”…


but overall it was this.


Seeing Knowing Experiencing life peacefully Inspector Bill Carlson            New Logo!

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Careful with that Gas log Eugene!


Cozy unvented gas log in master sleeping room. EEEK.


Owner’s manual for unvented log set.


I D tags identify unit as a match for the owners manual.


Installed unit has a btu/hr rating of 30,000 btu/hr.


I D tags say don’t install in a bedroom.


Owners manual says don’t install in a bedroom.

In beautiful and scenic East Nashville today.  I performed a new home construction in fill inspection a couple of months ago and for the 1st time in a new construction build inspection I was performing there was a gas log fireplace in the master sleeping room.  Not a good idea in general as the gas appliance competes with humans in the room for oxygen; general asphyxiation risk as well as a carbon monoxide asphyxiation risk if the unit malfunctions.  I have seen a few of the decorative heatilator log set ups in sleeping rooms which are vented to the exterior and have glass fronting the room which minimizes risk and appears to meet requirements.  This unit was an unvented gas log which vents into the room!  EEEK.  The owner’s manual had “not for bedrooms” written all over it which was written all over the unit identification tags as well.  The ID tags also identified the unit as a model in the owners manual with a Max. btu/hr firing rate of 30,000 btu/hr.    G2406.2 of the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC) specifically prohibits gas appliances in sleeping rooms in general.  Exception 2 allows  vented gas logs that meet room volume requirements such as the log set described above initially and Exception 4 allows unvented wall heaters of less than 10,0000 btu/hr that have oxygen depletion warning systems (odws), and meet room volume requirements; not unvented gas logs and gas logs do not have odws and this unit has a 30,000 btu/hr rating. Not sure how this gets installed.  Code approval tags hangin.  My client later contacted me sayin the builder claimed the owners manual was not for the bedroom unit!  Well the permanently secured tags directly on the unit say otherwise.

Seeing Knowing Saving Lives Inspector Bill Carlson


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Grateful and Thankful…..

…..for all my great clients and abundance in 2016.   2017 is ramping up to be epic as Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin continues to boom.  Hopefully we will see some Carlson built homes this year!

Seeing Knowing Looking forward Inspector Bill Carlson

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I Thought I’d Seen It All After 15 Years of Inspecting Homes!

So today I’m doing my verbal wrap up with my client and their agent on a new construction home in East Nashville. 

Water coming from window at interior.

 Gonna have to come back cuz the builder couldn’t get the water to the building on……

Water coming from switch plate cover pooling on engineered wood floors.

..until water starts pouring out around a 1st floor window below the 2nd floor shower……and then water begins pouring out 1st  level ceiling lights and electrical outlet and switch covers. 

Water dripping from light fixture.

 Glad we were there to witness as this will require a water restoration contractor.  

Water wets foundation after passing inside wall.

Appears like the plumbers left an open connection around the 2nd level shower somewhere.

Seeing Knowing Leaking Inspector Bill Carlson

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Please Get New Construction Inspected By a Private Home Inspector that knows what they are looking at; holy crap!!!!!

In beautiful and scenic Hendersonville today…….Below is a recent new construction inspection in the $800k range with approved codes tags hangin.  These issues can all be properly addressed….but not if they are not discovered!


Foundation anchor bolt missing nut and washer.


Foundation anchor bolt missing nut and washer.


Foundation anchor bolt missing nut and washer.


Foundation anchor bolt missing nut and washer….getting the theme here; all anchor nuts and washers missing…must not have been on the truck!


I joist section completely removed to accommodate plumbing for toilet; sub-floor flexes over time; causes toilet to leak; wipes out sub-flooring if not caught quickly.


Foundation section that is inactive that may be designed to carry the supports of a major beam at the 1st level; not sure if this was the case or not; had to ask the builder’s engineer; jury still out. I went back to reinspect and blocking had been added over the perimter foundation sections to be in contact with the subfloor.  Guess these foundation sections were supposed to be load bearing. Ha!

20161114_125235Small wood shims in girder/foundation load path; seems like a shame to go to all that trouble to have masons pour footings and set block and framers to install 3 ply 2×12 girder to have bearing on a couple of wood shims; I wonder if these will compress over time?


Hell yes they will!  This is NOT from the subject home.  This is a thin wood shim from a 15 year old structure but is an example of what the future holds and why steel bearing plates should be used for shimming.


And what would a new construction build be without a little fungal growth.


Once framed over and enclosed, crawl spaces do not get set up until the last phase of construction promoting elevated humidity.


Really; venting a crawl space to the exterior with insulation in the joist bays does not make sense in Middle TN; too humid.  This should not be an option; but unfortunately still is.  Encapsulate and ventilate is my battle cry.



Seeing Knowing Getting my new construction home inspected by a private home inspector that knows what they are doing and has REAL experience (at least 1000 + solo personally performed) and REAL credentials (ASHI, ICC Cert., AARST cert., TN Fire Marshal Codes cert.)

Inspector Bill Carlson


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Gritty Rock-n-Roll


Watch the latest music video live performance from DiRt WeaSel; Original Song Cold Hard Dirt……  Grateful and thankful I found a way to connect with my son.

Seeing Knowing Rocking Inspector Bill Carlson

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The Nashville Noodle!

Renovators go a long way to try and fool home inspectors.  In the electrical area, they have an older pre-1960’s house with 2-wire cloth insulated wiring without equipment ground or even worse knob and tube wiring; and the resulting ungrounded outlets.  Sure don’t want to re-wire the house ($) to get the coveted grounded electrical outlets suggesting a re-wired house…..So lets noodle them outlets!



The equipment ground terminal and neutral ground terminals are bonded in the photo with the bare copper wire (the noodle).  This will give the appearance of a properly grounded outlet to a standard plug tester.  No matter what they tell you (yup I have had at least 1 electrician try and convince me this was ok) this does not ground the outlet and does create a possibly unsafe situation.  Just general logic tells us if this was kosher; there would be no reason to have an equipment ground 3rd wire in modern systems in the 1st place!

The report comment reads as follows; Safety- Original 2 wire wiring is present at the electrical outlets. A jumper wire has been installed between the neutral ground terminal and equipment ground terminal at outlets randomly selected for cover removal. It is noted removing electrical outlet covers is outside the scope of inspection and not all covers were removed. This condition is assumed to be present at all outlets. Bonding the neutral and equipment ground terminals does not provide an equipment ground. The equipment and neutral ground systems are to be bonded together at the main disconnect panel only. This configuration is unsafe as it is possible to feed power from the neutral ground system back to an appliance metal frame through the 3rd prong of the plug. If there happens to be reversed polarity in the system somewhere, which sometimes happens in older installations, the full voltage could be present on an appliance frame. The best option is to replace the remaining 2-wire wiring completely. At a minimum, new NM cable with equipment ground present should be installed at outlets serving permanently located 3-prong plug appliances and wet areas (Kitchen counters, bathroom, exterior, refrigerator, clothes washer, computer, flat panel TV, musical equipment. Etc). Remaining outlets that still have older wiring present should have the jumper wires removed and the 3-prong outlets should be replaced with 2-prong outlets. GFCI outlets can be installed on 2-wire wiring systems to provide personal shock safety but will not provide an equipment ground. It is noted installing ancillary equipment ground wires at electrical outlets and then bonding them to local supply plumbing is improper. All equipment ground wires should terminate at the proper bus bar in a service panel. A licensed electrician should be contacted to evaluate and perform repairs.

Hard to catch unless you are experienced and know what you are looking at!

Seeing Knowing Noodling Inspector Bill Carlson

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