Living Testimonials

Thank you so much for the extra effort you have made to assist me with my new home.  I really appreciate you talking with the contractor doing the repairs.  I believe you were the one person that made a resolution possible. Mary K.

As a first time home buyer, I was quite new to the inspection process.  Inspector Bill Carlson came recommended to me by our realtor, and I was very impressed with his work.  His inspection was thorough, and he did an excellent job explaining all of his findings to me in plain English.  He was very knowledgeable, and his report was incredibly helpful!  Allison C.

I met Bill Carlson in 2002 when I hired him to conduct a home inspection on an older home I was purchasing in Lewisburg, TN.   I was very impressed with his attention to the smallest details as well as his in-depth knowledge of building engineering.  I purchased that property and never had one surprise.  Because of Bill, I went into that purchase with the confidence that it had be thoroughly inspected…and is was.  When I moved in 2004, I had Bill conduct an inspection on my new purchase in Hendersonville.  Again, his attention to every detail was impressive…….In 2010 I was interested in a home in East Nashville.  His inspection there uncovered among other things, a loose hinge on the clothes dryer that was to remain.  A loose hinge!!  You can imagine the detail he put into the overall report.  I am again looking at another house in the Spring Hill area.  I wouldn’t have anyone other than Bill conduct this inspection.  When I share his reports with friends who have used other inspectors the conversation always ends the same, “How can I get in touch with Bill?”  I highly recommend this professional inspector.  If I keep on buying houses, Bill and I will know each other for a long time.  Charlie C


Bill Carlson is absolutely an amazing home inspector!  He inspected a million plus new construction home for me this week and recommended a structural inspection due to what he suspected was not enough piers in a certain area.  Of course, my Buyer had me contact a structural engineer for an evaluation.  Sure enough more piers were necessary!  The structural engineer commented to me privately that most home inspectors wouldn’t pick up on the need for more piers.  The structural engineer was very impressed with Bill Carlson’s assessment!  My Buyers were very impressed, too!  They commented to me, “We sure got our money’s worth from Bill Carlson”!  Thanks, Bill,  YOU ROCK!!  XO  Donna Tisdale, Real Estate Broker, Worth Properties..


32 Responses to Living Testimonials

  1. Lori Anne says:

    Couldn’t even begin to say how impressed my husband and I are with Bill. He was incredibly detailed and wonderful when it came to explaining the issues he had found in the house we were having inspected. He found a major issue with the rafters, and the thoroughness of his work has given us a lot of power as far as negotiations are concerned. He was also very good at delivering the bad news to us (the house has been well maintained, and we definitely weren’t expecting a major structural issue). If this house doesn’t end up working out for us, we plan to call Bill again when we hit inspection time again. Worth every penny! If you want to know what you’re about to plunk down a lot of cash for, call Bill!

  2. Stephen Enfinger says:

    Bill Carlson was recommended by our awesome realtor Ivy Arnold. She has used him many times in the past and told us if we wanted the full deal inspection Bill was our guy; especially on an older home. He is by the book and follows everything to a tee. Not only did he do an outstanding job with meeting our weird schedule needs and last minute request, I emailed him a question today in regards to our water pressure on Christmas and he emailed me back!!! He is above and beyond and we have used 2 other inspectors in the past. Wouldn’t hesitate using Bill again on the next house! My wife and I are highly OCD and there were several things that were tiny that I held back on saying anything to see how detailed oriented he was… Caught every one of them on the report… He doesn’t know this- but he will now! Thanks again Bill for letting us know where we stand on our 1969 house.

    Stephen and Daphne Enfinger

  3. Chad says:

    I highly recommend you look at the article Bill posted about getting an inspection on new construction. Although we were slightly reluctant at first because we had faith in the developers doing new construction right, Bill opened our eyes to a severe number of issues with the house. Insulation wasn’t completed, there were even issues with the foundation not being done properly! We’ve had the pleasure of working with Bill on many homes but we were surprised the new construction project we had him look at seemed to be the most important! Because of his inspection, we walked away from a deal we could have had potentially a ton of issues with. New or old construction, we won’t ever look at a home without Bill’s inspection first. You will not be disappointed with Bill’s work!

  4. Thomas Priestley says:

    Bill, I really appreciate the thorough job that you did on the house yesterday, and the report is incredibly well done as well. My brother-in-law created the list of concerns that I brought based on some bad experiences he’s had with home inspectors before. However, after you arrived at the site, I got a reassuring sense pretty quickly that you were not there to “rubber stamp” the purchase. The completeness of your work and the report is supreme evidence of your integrity and knowledge, and I am now entering the next phase of dialogue with the seller from a hugely advantaged position from where I stood before. I can’t wait to show the report to my brother-in-law when he gets here today. Thanks, Thomas

  5. Ben R says:

    Bill did a truly thorough job and inspected every nook and cranny above and below the house. He quickly gave us a full, detailed report that identified all sorts of things we never otherwise would have discovered, which helped us successfully negotiate repairs on our house.

  6. Randall Gish says:

    Bill Carlson was recommended by our brother n law who is an engineer. Bill had recently done the inspections on the house they were buying and selling.

    Bill was very detailed oriented and knew all the codes and building standards. He allowed me to walk with him during the inspection and taught me a lot about which things might be big and ones that were longer term maintenance type issues. We had great confidence going back to the sellers with some larger issues.

    I have already recommended him to many people that I know are in the process of looking for a house.

  7. Alistair says:


    Thank you so much for your thorough work and kind advice yesterday. It was a real pleasure to meet you.

    I’ve enjoyed reading the report and I’m astonished at how quickly and efficiently you turned it around!

    Thanks again and best wishes.

  8. Rhonda says:

    While negotiating a contract on a new home construction in East Nashville, the builder and developer kept saying “why would you need an inspection clause…it’s brand new”. I knew better. And more importantly, I know Bill Carson. The inspection clause stayed, and I’m feeling like a super genius….because Bill found some significant structural issues that needed to be addressed. He provided a thorough inspection and report, and took the time to walk the house and discuss the findings with me. He recommended a structural engineering review. We had it performed, and found that the original blueprints had been changed….not by the builder, but by the lumber company who supplied the flooring system substructure. The engineer recommended these be remedied and the builder complied fully without a penny of cost to me….all leading to a successful close on the home….and a “forever” paper trail for me showing the structural soundness. Was it worth the money to inspect a “brand new home”? YES!!! I’d never buy a home, brand new or a hundred years old, without having Bill kick the tires on it first.

  9. wflawa1 says:

    I have used Bill Carlson on three home purchases now and he has always been very thorough and has given helpful advice on the home repairs. The reports are complete with detailed explanations and pictures on all issues discovered. I have never had any surprises later after hiring Bill. I always feel very informed about any needed repairs or issues with a home one Bill has inspected it. I would highly recommend him. Wayne F.

  10. Sally B says:

    I would recommend Bill Carlson to anyone. He is very thorough and helps you to make an informed decision on purchasing a home.

  11. Gavin Price says:

    Bill Carlson did an amazingly thorough job with the inspection for my new home. In a very tight crawl space he crawled where no man had crawled before and uncovered really important details. His explanations were patient and detailed and his work was outstanding. Highly recommended.

  12. Marc T. says:

    Bill Carlson was recommended to me from a remodeler who referred to Bill as “The Rockstar of Inspections”, and that’s exactly what I got. From the scheduling, response times, professionalism and his courtesy. He was extremely detailed and thorough with his inspection. He is also very knowledgeable. Even though this was a new build he uncovered numerous code violations. He went over each issue he found and explained how it needed to be repaired. His report is very detailed and easy to understand. When meeting with the Builder and all the realtors they keeping saying over and over “Wow, this guy is extremely detailed and thorough” which worked out in my favor and I was able to get almost everything in the report repaired. In fact, my realtor is buying a home and said she was calling Bill Carlson. That’s saying something. Go with Bill, he’s a rockstar!!!

  13. Kelly says:

    Thanks Bill. Wandering around the house I got a peaceful feeling which is always a good sign. I picked you because your website was funny and also really showed your credentials, and then Janet posted to her realtor website and everyone said you were very good and thorough. It was nice to do business with someone I already knew I could trust.

  14. “As a seasoned real estate investor, I can walk into a property and see the majority of issues and calculate my budget with ease. Where Bill Carlson has saved me a significant amount of money and paid for his services MANY times over, is in the negotiation process. His reports are very thorough, extensive, and well laid out. Therefore, when I send them to the sellers, I am able to accurately convey why they should reduce the price of their property. It has worked so many times that I wouldn’t use any other inspector. 

    Additionally, his professionalism and ability to explain the major issues in terms that are easy to comprehend has taught me a lot about properties. I have been particularly impressed with his structural background. He is not some inspector who is simply going to say that paint is peeling and that plugs don’t work. That said, his reports have functioned as a punch list time and time again. I give him my highest recommendation. ”

    ” -Nick, Clear Blue Equity LLC “

  15. Gene Cook says:

    I needed an inspection quick and Bill was on it! Very professional. Did everything over the computer. Worth every penny! I would definitely recommend him.

  16. As a Realtor, I always aim to provide service worthy of my clients hiring me again and again for furure transactions. With that in mind, I know that any house I help a client buy will likely one day become one that I help them sell later. When I’m selling a house for a past client and an inspection issue arises that wasn’t caught when the sellers originally bought it is not only embarrassing and unfortunate, it creates a surprise which can sometimes make the deal fall apart – bad for everyone involved, especially the sellers. Having Bill inspect homes on the front end gives me the confidence that we will know everything there is about the house so that when we go to sell it years down there road, there will be no surprises.

  17. Peter M. says:

    My wife and I are first time home buyers. Fortunately for us, our realtor uses Bill for all of his inspection work. He was incredibly thorough and took additional time to walk us around the house and explain what he was putting in his report. Bill is also very honest and detail oriented. I highly recommend him for any and all home inspections. Truly a great guy (and as mentioned below, I am not receiving anything in return for these comments!)

    Bill, I read your Dad’s testimonial and had no idea you worked at Commander’s in New Orleans. I lived there for four years (pre-Katrina). It is my favorite restaurant in the country. We return to Nola once a year and always make a point to eat at Commanders. Yum!

  18. Rachael Jayne says:

    Bill and Aaron did the inspection on an older home we have bought in Inglewood. Me and my Husband met them at the house whilst they were conducting their inspection. We were very pleased and impressed by the attention to detail. More over, Bill took time to show us his major concerns at the house and was patient with our questions. I would strongly reccommend Bill Carson. Moving is very stressfull but Bill followed through on all of his commtments to us with the utmost care and professionalism. Thank You, Bill. We appreciate you and your team.

    Rachael And John

  19. William Peter Carlson III says:

    Well, I am Bill’s Dad and as you would surmise, I’ll not be saying anything negative here. I raised Bill with the thought that he should be able to find his way in life on his own talents and to have fun in the process and he’s certainly doing that in Nashville.He played athletics from age of 7 up through high school and won local and state honors as a nose guard in his football endeavors and the same time attaining National Honor society standing as well. He graduated from K-State in Mechanical Engineering and worked for several years at the largest oil refinery in the world in Baton Rouge, La. He worked as Sous Chef for the world famous Commanders Palace restaurant in New Orleans of Paul Prudomme and Emirl Lagasse fame. He puts the same diligent,thorough. demanding effort into every home that he inspects as if he were buying it himself. I know, i’ve been out on calls with him. No spot or thing is left unturned. And with all this, he can lay a blues riff with the best of them. Why settle for average, when you can get great in the Nashville area.
    Pete Carlson

  20. Gina says:

    Bill is perhaps the most thorough man I’ve ever met, and what is more perfect in an inspector that such a great attention to detail? Thank you, Bill, so very much. You made this first-time-home-buyer very at ease with her purchase. The detailed list provides me with a bargaining chip, knowledge of the severity of the situation, and perhaps a few future projects to look forward to tackling. If you’re house hunting, Bill’s your man!

  21. Marty Jo Vinson says:

    Greetings and Salutations Tennessee folks!

    I am Bill’s sister in Spring Hill, Kansas – yes; “there is no place like home”! Bill is the most meticulous, methodical, PASSIONATE, caring, fair, honest, INTELLIGENT, empathetic, competent, dependable, skilled…what do you you expect – I am his sister!

    …so I am biased; but the qualities I state are the true Bill. Are these qualities you are looking for in a Home Inspector? Call him, he is the BEST at everything he sets out to do. He will give you the true picture and will give it to you in words you can understand.

  22. Lisa says:

    Wow that’s by far the most comprehensive report I’ve EVER seen. THANK YOU! This will give us a great starting point for repairs and the renovation!

  23. Hazel Thornton says:

    Bill Carlson did a home inspection for me on a house that was for sale, but obviously needed renovations and repairs of a dozen kinds. Referencing his detailed inspection notes, I decided to buy the property. I subsequently worked with a contractor to correct the myriad problems, and now I have a beautiful home to live in, and a great investment to boot! I wholeheartedly recommend Bill Carlson!

  24. Melissa Geno says:

    Bill Carlson has done three inspections for me in the last two years (we buy rental property.) I am so glad to have found him. His inspections are thorough, and to-the-point. He finds things in places that no one else even bothers to look!

  25. Holland says:

    I found Bill through a Google search, and I’m very glad that I did. Buying a first home can be a stressful experience. I knew that, one day, the house I am going for could be turned into a beautiful atomic ranch but what I didn’t know was that there were some serious safety issues lingering in the home. Bill came in, carrying his knowledge and expertise, and not only did an incredibly thorough job, but spent the time to explain why the problems he found were serious and needed repair. He doesn’t rush through, but takes the time to do the job well. You can tell that he cares about his work, even down to the excellent reporting. I will definitely be telling people I meet to call Bill for their inspections. HIGHLY recommended!

  26. Candace Avery says:

    As a renovator, I have had Bill Carlson inspect several homes for me as a buyer and one as a seller. He is the most thorough and knowledgeable inspector I have ever used, and his attention to detail is exemplary. He takes his time and goes through the house with care and offers solutions to any problems he finds. He even saved me a lot of money on a house once as I was able to renegotiate the price due to his findings. I would never hire anyone else, and neither should you.

  27. Maree says:

    Bill Carlson was very professional, courteous and thorough when he performed my home inspection. Before he left the property he took the time to explain some of the issues with the home and suggested ideas of how to correct the problems. He sent a very detailed but easy to explain report which helped me negotiate a better price on my home. If I ever need a home inspector again Bill is the one I will contact.

  28. Bill Carlson was recommended to my fiance and me by our realtor when we were purchasing our first home in the Vanderbilt area. Bill was a fantastic inspector- not only was he incredibly thorough in the process, but he also provided an in-depth report that was incredibly detailed.

    Throughout the inspection Bill talked us through home issues to which many first time home buyers are unaware. He suggested ways to make the home more energy efficient, and even gave us time frames to try to make those improvements, in terms of cost/benefit and the grand scheme of home ownership.

    He truly inspected the house like we were family or good friends- very detailed and methodical. He explained everything fantastically- he could explain complex systems and problems in layman’s terms so that we could understand. Conversely, he knows the hard science behind what tests he performs and really knows the material. He recommended a radon test for the basement because Tennessee is notorious for high radon levels- and we ended up having a basement with levels over that recommended by the EPA.

    I highly recommend this inspector. He is fantastic.

  29. Don Rothman says:

    I found Bill Carlson on the internet looking for a good Home Inspector. After talking with him on the phone, I was so impressed that he was the only one I called. I met him at the site and followed him around. Bill was so meticulous that I felt he was inspecting a home he was going to buy. He looked at everything and found things that I would have never looked for or known about. I received an extremely detailed report and presented it to builder.
    Being so impressed by his work that I am bring him back to do a Radon Test and a follow inspection after work is completed.
    This was best money I have spent. I would recommend this company to anyone before closing on a new or old home.
    Thank you for working for me.


  30. Jana S says:

    Carlson was recommended to me by a friend of mine and I was very impressed with his work! I was present when he did the home inspection for a different friend and he was very thorough. I was especially surprised to see him check the air temperature of the (somewhat advanced) HVAC system; he also checked to see that the floors were really level. He answered all questions and you could tell by his answers that he was very knowledgeable. I called him later when I had my own HVAC problems and was very pleased with his recommendation. You can count on this guy! (No, I am not receiving anything in return for these comments!) Jana S.

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