My name is Bill Carlson and I am the owner and lead inspector of Carlson Inspection LLC dba Carlson Home Inspection Services.  Say that fast 10 times.  The main focus of this blog will be home inspection, maintenance, housing and real estate.  I invite you to read my pages for a listing of my qualifications, example reports, experience, affiliations, and rates.  I think you will find me to be the best option for an inspection of your new or existing home.  If not, I hope you at least enjoy the read. If you have a question write a comment and I will give you my 2 cents.  I also intend; against those that would say this is unprofessional, to weave in snippits of my life and life experiences.  My intention is to extend this blog beyond just the technical subjects related to home inspection but to also create connections and a dialogue.    The way that we  look at our lives is a looking glass through which we approach our work.  Give me a call to get on the schedule……615-228-4443.

Originally a midwesterner from the suburbs of Kansas City; Overland Park for those in the know, I graduated from Shawnee Mission West High School in 1984.  With notable interests in High school being cars (My Ford years), rock-n-roll, and football.  A friend and I re-built a 76 Mustang II that had a 302 ci engine.  The Chevelle boys would laugh until they were left at the line.  I also had a band.  I had always enjoyed math and science and my father also was a Mechanical Engineer with Hallmark Cards in KC.  So I suppose the safe path was to get an Engineering degree…..so I did at Kansas State University graduating in 1989 with a BSME.  In college I really was able to develop my interests along with all the book work.  I had a semi-gigging band called The Living Room Carpet Blues Band.  Our claim to fame was our bass player was in the band Kansas right before they added Kerry Livgren and Robbie Steinhardt and made it big.  Rod was a good dude. One of the guys that played with us on occasion owned a Cajun restaurant named the Hibachi Hut; yea I never figured the name out.  I purchased Paul Prudhommes Louisiana Kitchen cook book and a cast iron skillet and dutch oven and a chef was born.  I discovered I loved to cook and was good at it.  One of the cool thing about Manhattan Kansas (The little Apple) was the housing was older and I think this is also where I caught the old house bug.  My first 4 years at K-State I lived at the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.  The house was pretty run down with 60 guys living in it but it was a slick building built by a student of Frank Loyd Wright who also was a Phi.  From there my last year was spent in a 20’s vintage bungalow down the street.  I’ll note here the majority of my upbringing was in a early 60’s split level and a home built in 1969 that was a two story of undefined suburban style.  I still drive by the 69er when I am back in town and consider this to be the home I grew up in.  Where’s the home you grew up in?  I have always felt for folks who moved around a lot.  In school they never seemed to have time to fit in before they were gone.

My first J-O-B out of college was at the Exxon Refinery In Baton Rouge Louisiana.  Red Stickin Red Stickin lets go get some Chicken as Shannon W. would say.  This is where I really got into the hardcore nuts and bolts of Mechanical design, inspection and repair.  I had an opportunity to do a lot of crazy stuff.  It was quite an experience.  Did ya know the Exxon Baton Rouge Refinery had a hand in winning WWII.  In 1942, the then ESSO engineers discovered the technology of catalytic cracking.  This technology used a fine silica catalyst at high temperature to “crack” the longer chain hydrocarbon molecules (deisel, heating oil..etc) into gas.  Sooo while Hitler was getting 10% gas out of a barrel of Oil with natural distillation, we were getting 30-40%.  I think it is well documented that one Hitler’s problems other than focusing on genocide was that he RAN OUT OF GAS!  My music interest also remained strong and even keener into the blues as I found a blues jam around the corner that ran every Thursday Night.  Cooking also was strong…….more eating than in the past as I was in the land of deep fried turkeys and soft shell crab.  My auto enthusiasm also was strong as I came to my senses and bought a Chevy; 65 Impala Super Sport Convertible which I still have today.  Those of you that knew me early on in my inspection days in Nashville will remember that car with the Gorilla ladder sticking barely out of the trunk.  The Cold Blue Steel.  I went through a series of jobs with Exxon until they seemed to lose their committment to in house engineering.  Exxon offered a separation package with the purpose of losing older high paid employees in 1996; which I took.  I left the technical field, got married and attended The Culinary Arts Institute of Louisiana in Baton Rouge and began a cooking career.  After graduating, I went on to cook in New Orleans’ s at Commander’s Palace winning the James Beard Award for Best fine Dining Resuarant in the country, The Monteleone Hotel as Executive Sous Chef, and Sous Chef at Martin’s Wine Seller.   After living uptown in New Orleans at the corner of 3rd and Magazine for 5 years and renovating this two story craftsman original duplex top and bottom bungelow, I moved to Nashville in 2002 to open a home inspection company.  The most notable events since I have been in nashville have been the birth of my two children; Vivian and Will.  They continually remind me of what is important in life and that life should be fun.  I am thankful for the life I lead and for the talents that have been bestowed on me.  I feel I have had a rich life to this point and am grateful for all the lessons learned and all of my teachers.  I also feel that the next 40 years or so will make the first 45 look like nothing as I allow my life to unfold perfectly.  My goals are to guide my children to be their true selves, expand my inspection business to serve a greater section of the community, and help others to reach their dreams and goals……Seeing Knowing Caring……Inspector Bill Carlson


3 Responses to About

  1. Karen says:

    GREAT Bio, Bill. I look forward to meeting you–

  2. Jim Kline says:

    I remember a Bill Carlson from back in the day…. Looks like you and life have treated each other well. Drop me a line sometime brother and we can catch up.

    Wish you the best,
    Jim Kline

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