Not Again!

In beautiful and scenic White House today.  Not long ago I was performing a new construction inspection where the plumbers were getting the water turned on for the 1st time.


Water on the floor coming from baseboard; others muddy feet.

They got the water on and were leaving so I went at it.  I am in the home in socked feet to not track dirt and turn on the shower valve.  As I’m inspecting the tile surround, my feet start getting wet and I’m not in the shower!


Water wets ceiling and cracks the ceiling below in the kitchen.

Yup water is pouring out from the baseboard due to leakage from the shower valve.  Ran and chased down the plumbers……had I not found this I suspect the new home owners would have when they took their 1st shower.


Water in crawl space from shower valve leak.


Seeing Knowing Finishing the day with wet feet   Inspector Bill Carlson

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