In Columbia yesterday…..wish I was in Colombia!

In beautiful and snowy Columbia TN yesterday facing challenges from 1st light……1st I came to this…


then took a little closer look and discovered this…


and this…


so I talked to these guys…


and turned around 5 miles to here…


where by coincidence I ran into the buyers agent who could not contact me cuz her phone was dead and her Mustang wasn’t going annnny further; so she got in my truck and we went the “back” way to here; on 67 Acres; 4500 sf…


then here; 900 SF…(file photo)…


and finally here; 2400 SF…


there was some of this…

and this…


and of course this; like there always is.  It was hard to concentrate sometimes cuz of these guys…”hey dumb ass”…


but overall it was this.


Seeing Knowing Experiencing life peacefully Inspector Bill Carlson            New Logo!

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2 Responses to In Columbia yesterday…..wish I was in Colombia!

  1. Just so you know……it is current 7 deg F in Nashvegas……what is the temp in FL?

  2. Mom says:

    Looking like a great start to 2017 aside from unfortunate truck and defensive retorec of ill equipped filling station🚽 . What a lovely property

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