Careful with that Gas log Eugene!


Cozy unvented gas log in master sleeping room. EEEK.


Owner’s manual for unvented log set.


I D tags identify unit as a match for the owners manual.


Installed unit has a btu/hr rating of 30,000 btu/hr.


I D tags say don’t install in a bedroom.


Owners manual says don’t install in a bedroom.

In beautiful and scenic East Nashville today.  I performed a new home construction in fill inspection a couple of months ago and for the 1st time in a new construction build inspection I was performing there was a gas log fireplace in the master sleeping room.  Not a good idea in general as the gas appliance competes with humans in the room for oxygen; general asphyxiation risk as well as a carbon monoxide asphyxiation risk if the unit malfunctions.  I have seen a few of the decorative heatilator log set ups in sleeping rooms which are vented to the exterior and have glass fronting the room which minimizes risk and appears to meet requirements.  This unit was an unvented gas log which vents into the room!  EEEK.  The owner’s manual had “not for bedrooms” written all over it which was written all over the unit identification tags as well.  The ID tags also identified the unit as a model in the owners manual with a Max. btu/hr firing rate of 30,000 btu/hr.    G2406.2 of the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC) specifically prohibits gas appliances in sleeping rooms in general.  Exception 2 allows  vented gas logs that meet room volume requirements such as the log set described above initially and Exception 4 allows unvented wall heaters of less than 10,0000 btu/hr that have oxygen depletion warning systems (odws), and meet room volume requirements; not unvented gas logs and gas logs do not have odws and this unit has a 30,000 btu/hr rating. Not sure how this gets installed.  Code approval tags hangin.  My client later contacted me sayin the builder claimed the owners manual was not for the bedroom unit!  Well the permanently secured tags directly on the unit say otherwise.

Seeing Knowing Saving Lives Inspector Bill Carlson


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One Response to Careful with that Gas log Eugene!

  1. Jana Sinclair says:

    GOOD GRIEF!! Particularly concerning is the code approval tags…presumably place by codes peeps (and not the contractor?)

    Keep on, keepin’ on!



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