O’ Sole Mio!

Well I’ve never been to Venice; Italian city of canals, but I could almost smell the Sarde en Sardor  (marinated sardines) in this crawl space. 


A series of canals directing water to a jack leg sump pump.

Excellent that they removed bearing soil adjacent to the foundation to direct water.  Amazingly the foundation was unaffected…..currently.


Modern plastic lined canal!

This much water was present after 2 days of dry weather.   These efforts appear to be acting to retain water in the crawl space……or there is a spring present. 


Gandola.....O sole mio!

Just so we’re clear…..sump pumps and interior perimeter drain systems even when properly installed are a last resort moisture treatment for a crawl space as these systems do not address one of the most important concerns;  foundation health in the face of chronic moisture passage through footings. Best to address moisture entry from the exterior and prevent it from entering in the 1st place.




Footing cliff diving onto the gondola.


5 gal bucket sump....vertical pump=not a whole lot

Seeing Knowing Singing Tenors Inspector Bill Carlson

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2 Responses to O’ Sole Mio!

  1. Jill ogdenjill says:

    A new Disney ride perhaps?

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