New Orleans Weekend…..Go Chiefs!

WE HAVE SURVIVED ANOTHER OFF SEASON!………..Getting  back to Chiefs football with new coach Andy Reid and QB  Alex Smith….


Mighty Chiefs first play from scrimmage 2013-2014 season.

Also a great excuse to get back to my old stomping grounds and re-connect with old cooking buddies…


What luck!.... Weekend of the red dress charity race too!

….if you ever go to New Orleans you must go to the edgy burrito palace Juan’s Flying Burrito…..Located uptown and at mid city old Commander’s Palace gutter punk bud Jay Morris makes it happen 100% from scratch….imagine a burrito joint with the commitment to freshness, flavor, and sanitation of one of the finest fine dining restaurants in the world…that’s Juan’s. Former Palace server Amber (former Commander’s runner) hooked us up with a western pork and chorizo burrito and fish tacos for Deb…image

..Makes Nuvo and Baja look look like preseason. Jay and his crew also have 2 pizza places called Slice and a new Asian influenced eatery called Lucky Rooster in the CBD……..the Chiefs lost on paper but the 1st team O and D and special teams shined…1st teamers only played one series in this preseason challenge….the only issues I see for the Chiefs is depth.

Seeing Knowing Eating/Playing Inspector Bill Carlson

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