Caving to the Pressures of Social Media

Inspector Aaron here.

Aaron and his son Asher

Aaron and his son Asher

Yesterday I brought Bill and Carlson Home Inspection into the realm of the social media giant Face Book. Bill had no decision in this. That is how I was brought into FB, and I felt the need to “pay it forward”.

Patrice Jackson created a FB account for me in 2008. I was reluctant and reckoned it to be a waste of time. Patrice assured me that I would benefit from being a part of FB.  I said whatever. So, she made me an account and hooked me up with about 20 of our mutual friends in Nashville, dropped in a picture or two and set me off on my way.

I lost the next two weeks of my life to FB. I connected to hundreds of friends from all over the world. I couldn’t believe that people I had known were using FB in Africa, Scottland, Sweden, Finnland, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Belgium, I was chatting with friends I hadn’t had any contact with in over a decade. I had no idea how, or if, I would ever reconnect with these people again. Many of these previously lost friends had been very important in my life.

What a gift! I remember the feeling of finding the first contact in what was to be a chain. I’d rummage through their friends and tap into another circle of people I had know. I’d have to dissect each individuals friend list to pick out the missing pieces and connect my dots. I would get so excited as the friend requests would come back. I took great satisfaction in being able to then suggest to these people the friends that they were missing out on. I felt like I was helping them connect with people they hadn’t found yet. I started a group for the  Rotarty Youth Exchange Students of district 9320 for 95-96 that I was a part of. We got most of the students from that place and time into the group. We share pictures there and there was even had a reunion three years ago in Australia.  Facebook gets the credit for something that would be nearly impossible otherwise.

The novelty of it all has worn off for me. I’ve tapped into all my social circles. Every now and then I do pick up a straggler here and there. Who isn’t on Facebook these days? It is considered normal and most people expect it. My hope is that I can bring a little bit of that magic into the life of the reluctant home inspector Bill Carlson. Facebook reminds me that I used to be a kid. I used to be a student. I used to live close to family members. Even though miles separate people, even when life divides us, when memories start to fade – our friends are still our friends. Our family is still our family. We still care about each other. I may not attend the wedding, or be at the hospital, but the images and thoughts that friends share do touch me in a way I can’t express to them. I see the love, joy, and pain people share unapologetically  online and I relish in it.

So, my Father’s day gift to Bill is a Facebook account with 177 friends and counting…..  Good Luck and Have Fun. I wish you nothing less than my experience.

Seeing Knowing Socializing Inspector Aaron Schroer

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