139th Running of the Kentucky Derby Louisville,KY…..Cold Rainy and Orb- viosly a party!

For the last 3 years I’ve packed up the CBS….and headed 3 hours north to Louisville for the Derby with my nephew Tommy a native Louisvilian.


Tommy in rare form.

We do the infield….which is always a lot of fun.  Turn 3 with all the college kids…..Tommy’s 26……I would never on my own select the dancing pulsating Gangum style otherwise……right!..


Tommy with Debby

…..13 races…..Won the 1st……lost all the rest including the 11th race which was the Derby……Orb won…….my horses Varazano and #13 (who can remember names).. H


Closest we came to a horse.

….were later seen sitting at the bar having mint juleps as they crossed the finish line long after the leader……

. Deb my GF came down from Staten Island for the day of racing. 

Wore my rubber boots and a trash bag all day…


Photo taken through plastic zip lock baggie....perseverance.

…in a complete muddy mess….came out pretty clean..


..Thumbs up on The Derby Deb and Tommy……Always a great ride in the Chevy


Debby Chevy.

….and a great time.  Back to work Monday…..


See...we didn't get too dirty!

Booked out to the 15th…..So get 2 weeks on your contracts!!

Seeing Knowing Losing my Ass Inspector Bill Carlson

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