Nashville Roller Girls; BIG FAT THUMBS UP! Must See now!

Friends….my daughter was off at a spiritual retreat with a friend of hers this weekend so My 6 year old son and I had the rare opportunity to have a father son weekend. Sooooo we did all the stuff Will likes that his big sister would poo poo. If you have multiple kids you surely can attest to the different dynamic when they are not together. Will (and me too!) love to roller skate so Saturday nite we went to the the season opener of the Nashville Roller Girls vs The Atlanta Roller girls.

Music City All Stars vs Atlanta Dirty South Derby Girls

Music City All Stars vs Atlanta Dirty South Derby Girls

We got stomped! …but it didn’t matter. What a great time we had. And why not! Skating, women athletes, fence posts for $9 (24 oz. beer in a can), big doughy pretzels, general admission easy seating ($15; I think $7 for kids? not bad for a 4 hour activty), probably about 1000 screaming fans, $5 weekend lot parking across from Muni Audi available half way into the event, crazed announcer….etc I remember roller derby as a wrestling type theatrical predisposed activity on a banked track.
In motion; lottts of contact.

In motion; lottts of contact.

Today’s roller revival is a true women’s athletic event on a flat track retaining the crazy names and tongue in cheek approach. Once you get a hang for the rules, you are set for a faced paced evening. Yes athletic event. If you go to Rivergate or Brentwood Skating rinks they are marketing hard “The Fun You Can Feel!”. According to some source somewhere, skating is 3rd to running and swimming in coloric destruction. The girls take is seriously and were visibly fatigued. Yup sweaty too! Bonus! I will also say they showed a lot of heart. I’ve seen a lot of professional sports where the players quit when they get behind. Not here….losing by about 400 pts they still played with a lot of heart. The first match started at 5:30 with the 2nd match starting at 7:30.
In the pack

In the pack

We came at about 7:00 for the late match to contend with the attention span of a 6 year old; which turned out to not be an issue. At half time the Nashville Junior Roller girls had a match that was as exciting as the big girls (ages 9 to 17). With the matches played in the Municipal Auditorium down town, its not unlike going to a weekend hockey game at Bridgestone, getting out about 9:30-10:00, and pouring out on downtown to party. Great to take a visiting guest and you get stamped and can come and go as you please.
Will with an Atlanta Rumble Bee.  he would have gotten a pic with a Nashville Roller Girl but his 2nd fav colr is yellow

Will with an Atlanta Rumble Bee

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One Response to Nashville Roller Girls; BIG FAT THUMBS UP! Must See now!

  1. Jill Ogden says:

    Nice choice, Will! Keep that picture for a lifetime…better than one with Santa Claus. This definitely sounds like an ideal father/son activity. Good thing Viv is usually around to keep you guys in line. Love, Mom

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