Silverball Pinball Museum, Asbury Park NJ

OK….Nashville is a pinball wasteland.


Lined up like little soldiers....200 strong.

I have searched hi and low and have identified machines at the Rivergate ChuckECheese; Pirates of the Caribbean, the Franklin ChuckECheese, and Incredible Dave’s in Rivergate; Iron Man and Rolling Stones machines. It is noted the Rolling Stones machine is always down. Other than these; I am not aware of any and would welcome posts back identifying other local machines. Well…..3rd time is a charm. Yesterday I went to the Silverball Pinball Museum in Asbury Park, NJ The first two attempts were thwarted by hurricanes Irene……and of course Sandy which flooded the museum to within inches of the electrical components of the machines.


Asbury Park defiance

The area is still in recovery from Sandy with Silverball leading the way.


Sorry ....didn't see a pretty mean Osso Bucco though.

This is not only a museum with information on all of the 200 machines and the general history of pinball….but a full functioning arcade….. with NO quarters. For a $20 wristband you play any machine and all machines as long as you want. We arrived there at 2 PM……..and left at 11 PM..wrists aching. All the machines of my youth were there….Playboy….Kiss..


All time fav.....Gene Simmons was my inspiration to pick up guitar in 6th grade......later found out he plays bass.

..Eightball…Elton Johns Pinball Wizard…


2nd Fav......Elton Johns greatest hits was the first album I purchased with my own money and the Tommy soundtrack was not far behind.

.Eightball Deluxe…Gorgar….Elvis…..Mata Hari….Adams Family…Flash…..Sopranos……Guns and Roses…..Demolition Man….Beatles…..and a slew of mid 60s and 70s machines with bowling….poker….surfing….baseball….and outer space themes. …ALL IMPECCABLY MAINTAINED!!!!!!! Not a single call to the onsite tech all day…..for me or as I could see it, any other patron which was a mix of older pinball geeks like me, dads with their sons and daughters, tourists, hipsters, and teens…..We talked to the owner briefly and he really was in love with the older electro mechanical (EM) machines of the 60s and 70s. These machines are maintenance intensive……but are what he calls forever machines that can always be fixed…..The newer solid state machine will be the ones that ultimately fall by the wayside as parts become no longer available as the manufacturer’s go out of business. In the pinball hey day of the 1930’s in Chicago there were as many as 150 manufacturer’s which has been whittled down to one or two. Pinball was outlawed in many areas of the country including New York all the way until the 70s as they were considered gambling devices….. huh?….This is the Mecca of pinball and is definitely a destination vaca possibility for anyone that is into it. A great way to support Sandy relief as well as this area recovers……big fat thumbs up from……


Jersey Shore sunset.....through chain link.

Seeing Knowing Playing Inspector Bill Carlson

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