Water meter tip.


Your water meter has a leak detection meter that can be used to determine if you have a water supply leak in your system…….You cannot detect small movements of water with the numeric roll over numbers. The little triangle in the middle of the pictured meter will rotate with even the smallest of movement of water…..So….you turn off all the water supply sources in the home and then go look at the meter. If the triangle is rotating you have a water supply leak somewhere. On most occasions this ends up being a running toilet….but that still is something good to know about although minor. On 1 occasion I was able to diagnose a serious issue in this manner………It was June and had been dry dry dry. The house had a slab on grade foundation. Nothing really notable to report after my first lap around the exterior …….typical rot here….blown back shingle there….horrible gutter conditions and downspouts discharging near the foundation. The only thing out of place was a wet spot in the soil at the foundation in the front of the house in the planting bed lining up with the exterior hose bib and the meter. As dry as it had been, this wet area was out of place. I continued on to the interior and there is a measure of slope to the floors……more specifically a rise in the center of the floor at the front……on a slab? Turns out the improper gutter issues had put moisture at the foundation causing the slab to shift and crack the inlet water supply piping which is poured into the concrete slab. Water from the supply line leaked back under the slab with the hydrostatic forces creating a hump in the floor. As is often the case I do not know what the outcome was….. but I suspect my client moved on to something else.


…….Seeing Knowing Caring….Inspector Bill Carlson

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One Response to Water meter tip.

  1. Jill Ogden says:

    I have known Bill his entire life (he calls me Mom). He has always had a passion for seeking answers to challenging situations, which is a decided blessing to anyone buying a home. His tenacity in identifying problematic conditions for his clients, is a direct reflection of how much he cares for them, how well he wishes them and how very capable he is. I believe you will get excellent information from one of his home inspections and it’s just plain fun to know him!

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